Stimulate innovation and collaboration in your city

Launch an online community build around local projects, events and best practices.

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Reach out to get a free 1-on-1 consult on how an online community could catalyze your smart city strategy.

Build awareness and increase citizen engagement

Raise attention for projects within your area. Engage your citizens by providing one community website with all the information needed to participate in a smarter city.

Create visibility for your innovators and active citizens

Let the world know that you value the dedication of your citizens and give an extra incentive to participate in smart city projects.

Construct business opportunities and attract (inter)national attention

Showcase your innovations to attract citizens, students, investors and companies to your city by showing the business opportunities and contributions to the liveability of your city.

Improve PR, city marketing and city branding

Make PR more social, transparent, interactive and cost efficient. Build a podium for your innovators and evangelists by hosting a community, idea platform and inspirational environment.

Experience it yourself

Experienced & involved partner

Thanks to our experience with building dozens of online communities we’re able to help you decide upon the right KPI’s and strategy to achieve your goals.

In addition, we proactively think along with the growth of your community through comprehensive analysis, metric reports, interesting blogposts and important insights.

More about Crowded

Nancy Zikken
Amsterdam Smart City

"The weekly community coaching calls are very valuable for us. Crowded offers new updates, helps us implementing our ideas to the platform and supports the development and engagement of our community."

Customer Support
Thijs Wesselink
Blockchain Hackathon

"Very easy and understandable design and admin. Everybody is able to use Crowded products. Also integrates with other useful tools."

Overall Quality

Showcase your city's best practices

Members can add others to collaborate on content and manage projects together, displaying their activities, innovations and progress.

  • Team Collaboration
  • Favorites
  • Predefined Questions
  • Tags

Share knowledge and inspiration

One central spot to stay up-to-date on smart city innovations, ask questions and share your knowledge about smart city subjects.

  • Spark discussions
  • Like good content
  • Embed videos & links
  • Write blogs

Bring people together offline

Promote offline get togethers and collaborate on the agenda, enabling your citizens and partners to boost their events to a wider audience.

  • List all upcoming events
  • Gather RSVP's
  • Easily add a location
  • See who's interested

Enable people to stay up to date on their favorite topics

Reconnect with your audience on daily basis with automated notifications. Facilitate questions, discussions and sharing of great content within your themes while saving time and keeping your citizens engaged.

  • Relevant notifications
  • Easy discovery

Facillitate new connections

Find out which parties are involved in smart city development in your city and connect community members and organisations with like minded innovators to boost new projects.

  • Highlight your partners
  • Extensive user profiles

See Crowded Cities in action

Experience it for yourself
View a live community

Tailored to you

Your community should feel like home, for you and your members.

  • Custom design
  • Custom configuration
  • In your language

Data driven

Measuring is knowing, you don't have to doubt about your next step, you simply know it.

  • Built in analytics
  • Integrations
  • Exports

Safe to use

Our architecture is based on high industry standards, and so is our workflow.

  • ISO Certified hosting
  • Privacy controls
  • Regular audits

A true partner

From the start we'll be on your side, helping you to achieve your goals.

  • Personal manager
  • Chat support
  • Weekly calls

...and many other features

Empower your team with our all-in-one platform which gives you everything you need to run your community. This includes all the modern standards of the world wide web and the beautiful possibilities that comes with it.

  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Mentions
  • Profile settings
  • Social sharing
  • Post scheduling
  • Responsive
  • Maps
  • Social Sign In
  • Custom homepage

Start your own community today!

Monthly pricing, no hidden fees.
€1450 / month
Get started
  • Custom Made Design
  • Weekly 30 minutes training call
  • Interactive map of your city
  • 2,500 user seats
  • Up and running in 2 weeks
Prices exclude tax and one-time €1,000 set up costs,
Crowded General Terms & Conditions are applicable
Can I run the community on my own domain?

Yes, Crowded communities can run on any domain or subdomain. E.g. '' or ''

Is the community in my own branding?

Yes, Crowded communities will always make use of your own branding guidelines and your own logo.

Can citizens log in with their Facebook account on the community?

Yes, optionally we can set up Facebook login so your citizens can register for your community via their Facebook account.

How many admins does the license include?

You can have unlimited admin accounts.

What is a user seat?

One registered user is one user seat, visitors are not counted as users.

How many user seats does my community allow?

Each community includes 2500 free user seats, extra user seats costs an additional €50,- per 500 user seats per month.

Do you have an app for the community?

No, but Crowded communities are responsive which means anybody can access the community through their smartphone via their webbrowser. Therefore they do not need to download an app, but can make use of all the functionalities on their mobile device.

45 minutes
Demo & Intake

To get to know each other we start our intake call with a conversation about your city, your specific wishes and your city goals & challenges. Afterwards we will walk-through our platform with a couple of live communities as examples, showing you the different aspects and possibilities of our product.

Output: After the intake call you can decide wether Crowded is a good match

Needed from you: For the next step we need your logo, optionally branding guidelines and other assets

3 days
First Mockup

Our development proces begins with creating a mockup of the community in your own branding. This makes it easier to adjust the community platform to your liking before we actually start building it. Based on your feedback we will make a final design which will be implemented in the demo environment.

Furthermore a document with more information about our call to actions and marketing configuration will come your way, please send us the content needed!

Output: A visualisation of a community platform in your own branding

Needed from you: For the next step we need all the call to actions and marketing content

4 days
Demo environment

We will set up the initial community platform based on the final design, including our templates and everything in your own branding. You can invite your colleagues on board to start with testing and filling the platform. After processing the feedback we will decide together if the platform is ready to go live!

If you prefer we can set up the demo environment on your own domain instead of a Crowded demo domain, we need access to the DNS settings/contact person to make this happen.

Output: A first version of your community ready to use by you and your organisation

Needed from you: For the next step we need the DNS settings, domain & SSL verification

After 2 weeks

Once the community is ready to be set live, we will move the community from the demo domain towards your final domain. We will set up the SSL certificate and make sure the CTA and marketing content is configured.

Output: Your community live for the public!


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